Clover Drool

To all non-horse people or horse people that do not have clover in their pastures. Horses LOOOOVVVVVEEE clover, but clover causes extreme excess of drool and saliva. Gallons of it. 

get. over. it.

saw someone asking someone about their youtube videos and why their horses drooled so much, and it annoys the hell out of me when people are like “ew, your horse is drooling”. (not that THAT particular anon said that, just made me think of all the people that I KNOW that are soooo….ridiculous about it) And I had to voice it a little. 


It’s normal.

It’s not acid that will desolve your skin. Dont act like you are going to die if it gets on you. If you do act like this leave the horse barn! argh.

Taz :)

Taz :)

Quick Update

Went to the doctor, I did end up breaking my ankle in the accident. I walked on a freaking broken ankle for a week and a half before FINALLY going in. it took five weeks to heal. and I’m riding again! :)

My boy Taz comes back in a week from training. SO excited to get him back. I miss seeing him in the pasture :)

Chevy is officially retired due to a back injury. He can only go on short rides at a slow pace. Sad but at the same time he has earned the retirement, I think he’s going to hate it though, he’s the only horse I’ve known to actually WANT to go for rides. I feel like it’ll kill him to not be out as much but I cant stand seeing him in pain. Last resort is a chiropractor. Saving up for it as we speak. Anything to make my Arabian boy more comfortable. He’s made my life worth living. <3

Quick Sand

Well, its been a while, partly because I work every damn day of my life, and also because everything this summer has been pretty boring (refer to earlier statement) and completely unworth repeating.

Besides Drill Team, occasional trail rides around Minnesota, and the two (count them), two times I got to see my boyfriend this summer there really hasnt been much worth repeating. Besides even if I did have something worth repeating I’m too dammmn tired. But here’s a post to catch up on the not so yawn worthy stuff in my life.

Like last week. Me and my boy Chevy were trail riding with some friends from our saddle club. However upon arriving we realized due to the crazy amount of rain/thunderstorms we had in previous weeks, everything was completely washed out, and the river proved to high to cross. While on the way back to the trailer from endless hopeful (and later disappointing) zigzagging to find a trail that had not been completely blocked, washed away, or avoided crossing the river…Me and my horse Chevy got sucked into quick sand. In a second he was up to his chest in the sand and muck and in the next second he tried to ‘step out’, lost his balance and fell onto his side, in turn falling and crushing my foot/ankle in the process. However this I feel was a miracle in itself because when he rolled to his side we had landed on solid ground (good for Chevy, bad for my foot), which helped him in turn to pull himself up and out of harms way. He was out of the sand before I was up. I had thought initially that I had broken my leg between my knee and ankle, because that’s where at the time all my pain was coming from. However, after feeling down my leg for breaks I found it was actually my ankle that was in the worst shape. I managed to push myself up and jump to Chevy on one foot and heaving myself into the saddle. Once on my foot was not able to go back into the stirrup and hung limp. By the time we got back to the trailer it was numb and had swelled extremely large. Never went into the doctor, didn’t want to go in and get expensive X-rays only to find out its just a bad sprain. However I’m almost positive I at least fractured it. 

P.S. Chevy was checked over immediately and was completely fine after the ordeal. Man I love that boy, thank goodness nothing happened to him!

Now. I’ll up load my timeline of photos of my foot/ankle. I want my followers to tell me what they think. I have people from work telling me I should REALLY get it checked out, but I’m still undecided. It’s been a week and the swelling/bruising is much better. At the same time if I step wrong it feels like I have glass in my foot/ankle. 

Sincerely Undecided Cowgirl

Dear Followers I need your help:

Taz has a buddy sour issue that Im not sure how to address anymore…At home I can saddle him up and bring him out alone away from the farm and he’s calm as ever but bring him to a new place its extremely hard to get him away from his herd mate and he acts insane for most of the time, barely focusing on me no matter what I do to help him to my knowledge. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Reblog if you’ll answer anything that gets put in your ask right now.


my necklace! &lt;3

where did you get this I HAVE to have one! love it!


my necklace! <3

where did you get this I HAVE to have one! love it!

Working With Taz

Yesterday I took Taz out and lunged him while he wore a saddle. I tied my sweatshirt all over the saddle and around his neck. Getting him used to clothing flapping in the wind or being petted or hugged around neck. Set up the cones and we practiced weaving between them. He did well! I had him walk over the green noodle several times. We went on a ride down the gravel road to the first house away from our farm (trying to fix his buddy sourness, something I was made aware of while at drill team practice with my mom and her horse Storm). Everything went better than good, no issues or buddy sourness while on our farm or even riding away from it. But when we are somewhere unfamiliar he goes totally buddy sour. :/ I’ll have to continue working with him with that. We also worked on flexing, backing, and stops. Tomorrow I’ll be bringing Tiff to go to drill instead of Taz because she’s less buddy sour and I have to sub. So Taz gets a break tomorrow. haha

Today I also got Taz out for a little bit and basically practiced everything from the day before again, just to keep it fresh in his mind while I’m working :/ ugh, not looking forward to work today… Bleck. I just want a day off—But no more days off unnttiill NEXT SUNDAY. 


I do think this. But I definitely don’t do it enough…my horse fricken pulls me over all the time haha


I do think this. But I definitely don’t do it enough…my horse fricken pulls me over all the time haha

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